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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 25, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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but now this bill goes on to the president's desk in the health care reform voting is now over. that's our special coverage tonight. hannity begins right now. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. the house of representatives just passed the final changes to the health care reconciliation bill. this rehashed version of the bill senate changes included will be sent to the president for his signature. two representatives who voted moments ago will be joining me shortly that's not the only news happening while the reconciliation bill may have temporarily distracted democrats today they spent most of their time creating a media circus over the threat that some members received in the wake of sunday's vote. they've publicized some of the threatening phone messages and faxes received. we are not going to play any of those messages, because we think it is inappropriate to publicize them. the democrats do not share our
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sense of propriety. james clyburn led the pack saying all of this reminds him of the violence that took place during the civil rights era. >> what i saw on saturday, especially, out in the streets and what i heard, very reminiscent of that history. >> sean: new york congressman weiner chimed in and he knew who to blame for these disturbing incidents. >> i think my friends in the republican party have to say to supporters is one thing to propose a piece of legislation an entirely different thing to engage in homophobia and anti-semitism and racism. >> sean: republicans did condemn the violence even though they had choice words for the democrats. here's what eric cantor had to say earlier today. >> there are no leaders in this building, no rank and file members in this building that condone violence, period.
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i've received threats since i assumed elected office, not only because of my position, but also because i'm jewish. i've never blamed anyone in this body for that, period. it is recollection leto use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain. to use such threats as political weapons is reprehensible. enough is enough, it has to stop! >> sean: joining me with reaction, two people who spent all day on capitol hill, congresswoman bachmann and tom price welcome back to the program. congresswoman let me begin with you and your reaction to what eric cantor said, because i an with him. >> i agree with him 100%. i was there this weekend there were over 30% -- over 30,000
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americans that made their way to express their displeasure with the health care buy i found an orderly crowd who even picked up their own trash after themselves. the media wanted you to think these were toothless hillbillies that came out i met surgeons, ceos, business owners, pharmacists, judges, people from all walks of life and professionals. i did not see what has described today by the democrats. i agree with eric cantor. i think it is reprehensible to create this dust-up for political gain. >> sean: we all agree congresswoman that any threat against any elected official is a threat against we the people. it is something that we all know in our heart. but the issue is, anybody that's been in the public eye, including myself, and i'm sure both of you, in the course of your careers, have received
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some kind of threat, congressman, is that true? >> absolutely. violence in the public square has no place whatsoever. the leadership of the democrat party violated all of the rules about how you handle those threats. that is, you don't blow them up, you don't magnify them, politicize them, that's what they've done. a with representative cantor it is reckless and irresponsible. >> sean: is this about congresswoman, i think the reason they released this -- we can all release them, the republicans,er >> dari: eric cantor could -- could release them. i think is an attempt, to smear the tea party movement. >> of course that's what it is. it is about smearing. i know for myself, i've had vandalism perpetrated against me. i've had personal threats made against me against my family. i purposefully didn't disclose
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them to the public, because that 10s to fan the flames. so, i have spoken with my other members. that has happened to other colleagues. we just don't pub eyes that i think that clearly, -- publicize that i think clear this bill coming out knowing how much the public disagrees with it, they are trying to smear people who disagree with the bill. >> sean: let's talk about the vote you both just took tonight. there was a lot of hope among a lot of people that the byrd rule and reconciliation process might be stopped in the senate. congressman, what happened? >> they jammed the whole thing through at this point as you know through the reconciliation process. closed down the opportunity for the republican in the senate to offer meaningful alternative this is the nail in the coffin for health care in the united states at this point in this year. it results in significant use of power buy government to make medical decisions.
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the it brings an individual mandate dictating to every man, woman and child what kind of health coverage they must have. huge move in a direction that puts the government in charge of the they trust government. we trust people. things hidden in the reconciliation is the takeover by the government of all student loans. why that is in the health bill is beyond me >> sean: i agree congresswoman this is going to cost caterpillar 100 million dollars. verizon came out with a strong statement against this bill. chamber of commerce came out. there's a fox news poll, 79% of americans believe that our economy is on the brink of collapse. we learned today that social security will be in the red today. there's no lock box. i guess the issue comes down to, is john boehner right? is it possible this could be stopped by defunding it if a republican congress is elected?
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>> absolutely. all of our chips are put on bringing us to a constitutional conservative majority in november in the house and senate. then we can slam the brakes on this government takeover the private sector. with president obama's signature on tuesday on health care takeover bill, recognize this is a full federal government take over of 51% of the private economy in the last 18 months alone. that's why the positive news going forward is that we can put the brakes on this. repeal this bill after we elect a constitutional conservative president, we can get back to prosperity. we just need to elect some constitutional conservatives. >> sean: congresswoman i a book out, conservative victory defeating obama's radical agenda launches tuesday. i agree with you. that's the whole premise of the book. castro supports the bill, so i'm sure that's a ringing
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endorsement for barack obama. do you see that any of these constitutional challenges might be success youful, congressman? >> yes. i believe the individual mandate is unconstitutional. i think the different way in which union health plans and nonunion health plans are treated violates the constitution. we are here not because of march 2010, we are here because of november 2008. elections have consequences and i believe the person people have been awakened which is the wonderful, positive thing that has been done in this process. november 2010 will be a point in time where the american people can put checks and balances back in place in washington. >> sean: this is what you get when you get one-party rule. out of control arrogant government and radicalism on a level i don't think the country has seen before. guys, good to see you, thanks for being with us. >> thanks sean. >> sean: coming up, former governor sarah palin also coming under attack from democrats, who say she is personally inciting violence.
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unbelievable. they will never stop. why? we'll tell you the full story. gop chairman michael steele straight ahead. the vote can dana perino and our great, great person panel, straight how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe our new savory shrimp jambalaya. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster. new total effects body wash fights 7 signs of body aging, increasing elasticity, locking in moisture and more. new olay total effects body wash. total anti-aging for your body from olay.
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>> sean: the anointed one praised his health care bill in iowa today. the mayor not too keen. here's what he told msnbc today:
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congress in the aftermath of the health care vote. as usual the trying to point the finger at former alaska governor sarah palin, saying competents she made about targeting certain members in congress in the 2010 midterms could insight violence. they took offense to this twitter message which reads: common sense conservatives and lovers of america don't retreat, instead reload. senator mccain was asked about the governor's comments earlier on the today show. >> considering the threat, these concerns we've been hearing about regarding violence, do you now recommend that your party useless incendiary language? will you to her -- will you say that to her tomorrow? >> i've seen the rhetoric of targeted districts -- please, those are fine they are used all the time. those words have been used throughout my political career. [ talking over each other ]
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>> there are targeted districts and areas we call battle ground states. so please, that rhetoric and kind of language is part of the political lexicon. it is no place for threats of violence or anything else to say that someone is in a battle ground state is not originated today. >> sean: joining me with more is chairman of the republican national committee michael steele is with us. we hear the term targeted districts all the time. >> all the time. >> sean: what do you think is going on? >> a couple of things. the left is trying to block and tackle on the vote that they just took. knowing that america is still very displeased with them and taking anything they can and turning it around. two points, one john mccain has it right this is language that's been used in the political spear for generations everybody knows what you seen when you say it. number two, you have some folks that are hot tempered and stupid, frankly.
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and that has no place in the political rhetoric or lexicon, if you will. to the extent that people say crazy things as we witnessed this past weekend, the republican party, democrat party, good-minded americans alike renounce that. don't try to mix the apple and the orange here, when you know, particularly when you look at the hot language, if you will that was used during the bush administration and certainly in the last two or three years of the administration there. were all kinds of threatening tones and language used. i think people need to understand it and put it in context. >> sean: when you say reload that is based -- predicated on the belief that you had loaded before, you gave your best political effort that didn't work. we regroup come back again. everyone knows what that means. but they are trying to exploit this and trying to make an issue out of this. do you remember in 1998, the democratic party in missouri ran a radio ad they said if
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you like republicans, black churches would burn. >> that's right. >> sean: remember that? >> in my home state of maryland, prince george's county they handed out fliers that had pictures of the burning churches of the 50s and 60s and of course infered that if you elect a republican that churches would burn. that kind of rhetoric is outside the bounds. look america in the eyes and i say we are on the heels of an important debate about the direction of this country. let's have a civil debate, democrats, republicans, independents and others who have a voice they want to share. share that voice. let's not take this to a place it doesn't need to go this is a free and open country where you can freely express your views. we don't need folks on the left defining and recharacterizing political rhetoric. we certainly don't need others to use this time to do ugly
9:17 pm
things to threaten elected officials and the like. let's be civil and level headed about this debate. >> sean: when george bush was president he was called a murderer, the war is lost, surge has failed, terrorizing women and children in the dark of night. that came from john kerry. >> that was the presidential nominee. >> sean: they killed civilians in cold blood was john murtha's comments. what bothers me the outright hypocrisy. all of a sudden, everything is game during the bush years. now all of a sudden everything is off-limits. everybody wants our politicians safe. they represent we the people starting with the president every elected official down. when james clyburn says republicans are basically aiding and abetting terrorism against democrats, what was your reaction to his statement earlier today? >> with all due respect to congressman clyburn he's flat wrong. he's not aiding and abetting the ending of such discussion
9:18 pm
he's furthering it by inciting, you know discord among citizens by pointing the finger at someone. he doesn't know if the person who is holding a nazi sign or said something you go a democrat, libertarian or republican, he doesn't know what they are. he should be saying there is no place for that kind of rhetoric or behavior in the political discourse and stop it. to start saying republicans, you know is part of their playbook. it is ludicrous, certainly i reject it outout. >> there's a poll that dame out the headline is tea party could doom the gop in november. they for example when you add tea party candidates into the mix with a democrat and republican, the tea party candidate would get 15%, gop 25%, democrat 36%. they say it would be a gop nightmare according to this,
9:19 pm
or a republican dream. what is your reaction to the idea? >> look, the reality of it is, i think the gop, republicans partner with the tea party movement around this country. as i've said with the leadership that i've met with since april of last year, if the tea party candidate is a nominee a democrat, we'll back 'em. conservatives, we'll back 'em. likewise they will support the republican nominee against a democrat. we don't need to allow any more nancy pelosies to wind up in congress. i've call for nancy pelosi to be fired the way we do that is elect good conservatives to the congress. >> sean: i saw you the other night speaking at the nrcc dinner. i think a new conservative republican party is the answer. obviously this is an opportunity for bold differences between two parties. this is going to be a
9:20 pm
fascinating midterm election year. >> it is sean. again i invite people to go to and join me. >> sean: more cop coming up, one -- more coming up, one conservative has made it a habit of confronting members of congress and they haven't reacted well. the unbelievable video is coming up. straight ahead (music plays)
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>> sean: the house just passed the final fixes to the health care reconciliation bill by a margin of 220-20 . that bill will go to the -- 220-207. that bill will now going to the president for his signature. joining us dana perino.
9:25 pm
the process has been corrupt. a lot of people had hopes that the senate could fix this. how do you analyze what happened tonight? >> well i think it is amazing how long republicans held the democrats off. this is not the bill the democrats set out to have. they wanted a public option. they were forced into a corner to back that off. in order to get the bill done they had to bribe even their own members. amazingly, every republican hung together. they've revived the republican party. tonight bill they passed has more medicare cuts. even more tax increases. talk about job killing, if you are an employer if you don't provide good enough coverage, as deemed by the new irs agents you have to pay $2,000, per employee, as a fine to the federal government. >> sean: unbelievable. you know politics as well as anybody i know. let me run some poll numbers by. for example, 62% want
9:26 pm
republicans to continue to challenge the bill which i think is an interesting good thing. in spite of what u.s.a. today and gallup pointed out the vast majority of people overwhelmingly oppose this bill, still 55% rasmussen want to repeal the bill. this one interesting. america hates congress more than wall street. harry reid has an 8% favorability rating. and nancy pelosi has an 11% favorability rating. put those together, how do you analyze that? >> none of those numbers are good and they have to be troubling to them. president obama gave 50 plus speeches between july and when the bill passed. the poll numbers continue to go down, almost every time opened his mouth to talk about. amazingly, i think it was yesterday morning that david axelrod the president's political adviser said they are not worried about it in terms of a p -- pr perspective
9:27 pm
because the bill sells itself. if that were true i don't think they would have spent the past few days complaining about death threats that has happened on both sides of the aisle. believe me having worked in the bush administration the democrats did not -- >> sean: did anyone -- does anyone remember the video of the g-8 summit? remember people on left radical things they said? one of the differences i think here is i think they are trying to marginize the tea party movement because the tee matter movement is effective. >> there is always going to be people on the fringe on both sides. i think is interesting about the numbers you just read that's not the fringe. that's bigger than just the middle. 60% oppose, i don't see how this gets better for them. i believe implementation of this bill is going to be very
9:28 pm
difficult for them already we know the children's preexisting condition piece that president obama touted doesn't go into effect until 2014. tax cuts are going to hit right away some of america's best, oldest and biggest businesses saying they have to lay-off people and cut benefits for their own employees in the wake of this bill. >> >> sean: george bush was called every name in the book on a regular basis. >> and then some. some that hadn't even been made up yet. >> sean: true, all right. the difference i think dana, you may be talking about one person, two people, three people, that are not reflective of a larger moment that includes stay at home moms and housewives and military members and the elderly. talking about in the case of the criticism against president bush, most came from congress. most of it came from senators. where were their voices then? >> remember, the member of the
9:29 pm
congress who called president bush a loser and liar. >> sean: and murderer. >> right and a war criminal. it went on and on. here's the thing emotions ran very high during the iraq war, i understand that emotions ran high when the tarp bill was passed to bailout the banks, i understand that we should get perspective. if they thought their bill was a winner they would be out toing it and not complaining about this. >> sean: they wouldn't have to bribe senators and corrupt the process. >> they wouldn't have to sneak in student loan takeover. >> sean: great point. thank you for being with us. famous actress speaking bout hollywood's dark underside. how do the west coast liberals behave among their own? that and much, much more, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] crunch, wheat thins.
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>> you have to shut up right now and listen instead of interrupting me every time i say something. >> sean: wow, that was a recent account with minnesota senator al franken and capitol hill, the author of the new book, obama zombies how the liberal machine brainwashed my generation and the media spokesman for the young
9:35 pm
america's foundation. jason, that is priceless. that is priceless. >> i appreciate being on the program. >> sean: you have to shut up, let me answer. >> if you have al franken or senator smally that's what he said. when you have a person going up and questioning him on important contents of the bill. he had no idea of these certain provisions. that's what we need to confront these corrupt politicians and make them justify every single line in these ,000 page bill. >> sean: you were reading from the bill. >> reading from the bill. >> sean: i don't know, i didn't read it. >> they tried to spin it and spin it and faster than rahm emanuel in his ballet shoes. they do not know what is in their own bill and they are voting for. >> sean: rahm rahmbo dead fish still -- >> he's doing the rope dope --
9:36 pm
>> sean: i used the term obamamania. i define it as the hypnotic trance the feeling of omnipotent ecstasy and euphoria at the sight of the anointed one people fell into a trance. >> they put barack obama on a pedestal reserved for no mere mortal as though he was going to drop ipods from the heaven and melt away student loans forever. >> i don't have to worry about putting gas in my tank after he got elected. >> because the evil rich white people like you sean is going to pay for all their stuff. >> sean: 60% of my income. you confronted alan greyson this guy outside of orlando. let's watch. >> what provision portions of the health care bill do you think americans like better, would it be the -- >> actually part that you just introduced. people love the idea of -- >> medicare, really.
9:37 pm
>> 72% favor it. >> what about the house portion that provides funding for native american child molesters and the senate portion that provides that mandates -- this is in the bill. >> this is in your bill that you voted for. >> sean: in the bill? >> these dudes don't even know know what they are voting for. documentation, you can go to and put in my name. i provide it all. there's a portion of the house bill voted for in november that gives funding for rehabilitation programs for native american child molesters. how is that going to bring down premiums. if there is way cuke barometer it would go kucinich then greyson. >> sean: alan greyson is in trouble. i -- the chief propagandaist
9:38 pm
in the white house, robert gibbs. >> if president obama in 2005 said it was unconstitutional and a power grab for majority rule to decide -- right now the democrats are doing the same. >> you got your camera and you are confused about the issue. >> i'm not confused brother. you say it is confusing you are looking to power grab washington with the government take oil over of health care. >> -- takeover of health care. >> this is why i wrote obama zombie. there with were so many young people that got bamboozled. they believed that obama was going to change the process and bring transparency. we have the most divisive, opaque, radical administration in american history. if conservatives don't jolt these obama zombies, -- >> sean: i think the american people are waking up. they are there.
9:39 pm
this video helps. >> it does help. but the legacy of president reagan is going to be undermineed. we are going to go back to an era of jimmy carter foolishness if we don't continue to fight. >> sean: obama is jimmy carter in steroids. he's going down in history as one of the worst presidents in american history. we have you with jim moran we'll quick. >> that's what i'm trying to say you guys liberals, created policies. >> the brother wanted to fight me he was lunging at me twice for asking about stimulus money that went to districts that didn't exist. young people are being pinched in this obama economy. >> sean: you are going to continue to confront these
9:40 pm
guys? >> absolutely, cameras in their faces. we to hold their feet to the fire brother. >> sean: good to see you. tame to check in with greta van susteren for a speak peek -- you are not going to reveal our secret tonight are you? >> greta: no. but we went trolling on capitol hill and we saw two members of congress, congressman ryan and stupak. senator kyl, thune and a governor, saw him on capitol hill he's right there, governor hawk bee and senator rick santorum is here. we have a full house. >> sean: i've got to watch out whenever i walk the halls of anybody place. greta, coming up in 19 short minutes from now. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back the great, great american panel. right now you can get a great deal on any volkswagen.
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your heartburn symptoms. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. . >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel he's a democratic pollster, doug schoen is back. she's a professor of political science and law at vanderbilt carol swayne is here the er communications director for the republican congressional committee, karen hanretty is here. hannity, hanretty. that wasn't funny. doug, you've been warning your party, you're a democrat, lifelong, right? >> right. >> sean: that this is a bad idea. you speak out, what is the reaction from democrats? >> the reaction is almost unanimously negative. you're a traitor. you're doing harm. caddell and you are supportive of health care reform on an
9:46 pm
incremental basis. we are seen as traitors. the tone is getting so poisonous in america on both sides this is regrettably and arguably destructive of our democratic values. >> sean: where were the democrats -- do you think those democrats that voted for this bill, many of them are gone in november? >> joe biden said they are. he said a lot of them didn't deserve to be elected. a lot are gone. the white house gave them an impossible possible choice. either support this and be embraced or oppose it and you are isolated. >> sean: there was a report out today the unions could buy if you voted yes in november and no now, kind of chicago, thug-type politics that we keep hearing about, intimidation politics. instead of saying to members of your own caucus vote your conscience and we'll support. >> one of the things that concerns me about the november elections there's so much deception in the media and
9:47 pm
collusion between politicians and different media outlets i'm not sure what the people will know and what they -- the main impact of the health care bill, takes place in the future. and so, people forget. >> one thing, the voters are not going to forget, the past 14 months, two years by the time we november, massive bureaucratic chaos and delay. that is what -- whether it is health care, cap and trade, let's not forget cap and trade they voted on, massive energy tax. they're talking in the senate about doing this again. proposing a gas tax. it is not even about voting your conscience. up a dollar a gallon lindsey graham a republican senator has joined john kerry and joe lieberman, and they are talking about pushing through a bill that increase the price of gasoline in america. the leaders -- the leaders
9:48 pm
have lost their mind. this is what republicans did, it took a lot longer for us to lose our majority. and they lost track of -- >> you are right. we are missing a bipartisan streak in american politics that pursues centrist policies to the benefit of the greater good rather than narrow special interests and self-interest. >> i think they've lost track of reality >> i think both sides have. >> sean: do you think that barack obama is a divisive president? do you think it is because he's a rigid i'd log? >> i think he has -- rigid ideologue? >> i think he has divided it is clear the ideologues have won out. >> sean: where the pragmatists? >> in retreat, they are hiding. >> i think everything we are seeing didn't happen overnight. i mean, the democrats, this has been playing for a while.
9:49 pm
they had majority. and they are gonna try to get everything through as quickly as possible. >> sean: this is the holy grail. >> they are high-fiving now i heard lynn sweet earlier today say listen, passing this health care bill, means that barack obama essentially can do away with all this bipartisan talk. he doesn't have to be bipartisan any more. like they've been waiting for 14 months to get to the point where they no longer have to be partisan. >> sean: he lost the independents. >> independents are 3-1 against this. america is polarizing extraordinarily to our detriment. >> obama was at a town hall today mocking republicans. mocking republicans. making fun of the republican party. the classy thing would be you hold your head high. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: be humble in victory. >> not happening.
9:50 pm
>> sean: i don't think they are reading the mood of the country right now people are angry. >> because they think they are smarter than the country. >> sean: they do. a lot more to get to with our great, great, american panel. [ female announcer ] treat yourself to something special for lunch. how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe our new savory shrimp jambalaya. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster. whiten your smile. no red wine, blueberry pie, coffee, or tea. i've got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable new toothpaste that removes
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. back in august you have this, well these tea party -- the tea party movement grow people show up at town halls. they are call unamerican by government officials. compared to tim mcsraeufpl the worse things -- compareed to tim mcveigh, the worst things said about them. i'm home watching, i see okay, lawyers and military people and state at home moms and you know people, respectfully kill
9:55 pm
the bill we don't like the bill. the democrats released these voice mails today, are they trying to smear the movement of opposition once again? i think they are trying to smear the tea party movement to advance their agenda and justify their tpwart -- thwarting the will of the american people. >> both sides are making a critical mistake. they are both trying to smear each other, escalating rhetoric avoiding any possibility of coming together as a people. the net result is our democracy is weaker. our country is more divided and we are hurt around the world. >> sean: either you believe in nationalizing health care or you do not. >> we can disagree respect -- respectfully, can't we? >> sean: i don't think saying kill the bill is respectful. >> i didn't say it is is all the thought calls about threat and violence is wrong.
9:56 pm
>> sean: cantor had a bullet shot through his campaign office. >> it is all wrong. we have a real enemy we share,s matsch >> i think what is happening is a movement to discredit the tea party movement. the tea party is a social movement that has come about because of the grievances in this country. there are a lot of people that believe that in the contusion, we the people of the united states and they believe that the constitution is being trashed and eroded, whatever you want to say, and that democrats and republicans some of them both have an incentive to discredit this movement. >> sean: when you go again the will of the american people like this and you thwart their opinions and you minimize them, then you call them names, you know what i see at that tea party rally? i see hardworking play by the rules, pay their taxes americans. >> i know you want to -- >> racially diverse i'm not a
9:57 pm
member of the tea parties i'm not speaking as a member i know that -- >> all ages is >> they are all ages, all incomes. but they are concerned about this country. they don't have the voice that -- >> while these are legitimate and real protests we have a larger problem. which is coming to the fight our common enemies. osama bin laden, iran, [ talking over each other ] >> we're threat sean knows it as well as anyone else. >> sean: i agree. >> [ talking over each other ] >> sean: if we are going to mirandize enemy combatants, we either support that insanity or you agree -- >> there are democrats who an we cannot have trials of
9:58 pm
khalid sheikh mohammed in new york. that we have to use military tribunals because we are under threat. >> there's another problem too. it seems like there are two rules. we know how many of the democratic nominees and people in offices they don't pay their own taxes. yet they are hiring more irs agents to make sure the people pay theirs. >> they are right. [ talking over each other ] >> that's part of the frustration that is being expressed. i think if you shut it down so people don't have free speech it becomes more explosive. >> sean: i don't like when the government -- i agree right just indignation, outrage i don't like when the elected officials not only ignore your will but call you names on top of it. >> we have a larger problem, jobs. we haven't come together to stimulate entrepreneurship to create jobs. >> the democrats have solution
9:59 pm
for jobs, they are going to give amnesty to people talk -- >> sean: we'll be talking that great panel. now, before we go i want to tell you something, in five days we will release my new book march 30th, next tuesday, it is called conservative victory, defeating obama's radical agenda that means taking our country back. we'll hit the road, crisscross the country on a multi-city book tour and kickoff things at the reagan presidential library. then we head to salt lake city, pittsburgh, philly. the following week we'll be in minneapolis, governor palin will join us, michelle bachmann and tim paw lensey. -- and tim pawlenty. finish off in the villages in florida, we'll be in atlanta, georgia. april 15th, cincinnati, ohio. you can par


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